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Stone Mackay Fire Protection Specialists can customize a package of services to suit your organizations Fire & Life Safety needs.

Hand of man pulling fire alarm switch on the white wall as background for emergency case a
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Hydrant with water hoses and fire extinguish equipment, Fire fighter equipment in the red

Fire Alarm

All Manufacturers, Conventional & Addressable Systems


Wet & Dry Systems, Fire Pump, Backflow, Pre-action & Hydrants

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Exit and Standby Lighting

Suppression & Special Hazard

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses, Kitchenhood & Chemical Suppression


Whether you need a single inspection or are looking for a customized package of preventative maintenance services we will work with you to provide the Fire & Life Safety services that are right for you.

We Inspect & Maintain:

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Pumps

  • Backflow

  • Pre-action

  • Hydrants

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Extinguishers & Hoses

  • Special Suppression Systems

  • Kitchenhood

Inspections are completed to CANULC 536 standards and promptly available on our convenient customer portal.


From single loop conventional panels to multi node addressable systems our technicians are experienced in fire alarm installation and verification as per CANULC 537.

Our sprinkler fitters can retrofit a small project or install an engineered fire sprinkler system for a new build.  Whatever your needs our fitters are accredited to deliver to NFPA 13 standards.


We are available 24/7 for emergency repair service. Unfortunately, things don't always go wrong during the day and sometimes they just can't wait. We are here for you when you need us.

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